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 Hi! I am Archika, Magnetic Personality Coach.


I’ve been successfully coaching clients throughout the world on various aspects of image management and soft skills for them to improve themselves so much that their personality turns magnetic as a result. Meaning, they are so busy adding value to themselves through my recommended solutions that right kind of opportunities and people automatically keep coming to them. 

Depending on your requirements, you may choose to opt for my one-on-one coaching sessions, individual training sessions, group training sessions and/or certification programs to experience the magic yourself.

See you on the other side. Looking forward to turning you into a Magnetic Personality!


Certified Image Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer |MBA - IIM, Indore |Ex-BCG and EY


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ABOUT Archika

Archika, Magnetic Personality Coach, helps you develop a head-turning personality through grooming, dressing and communication skills.

She is a certified image consultant and certified soft skills' trainer.

Before venturing into the personality development field, she's worked as a management consultant at top companies like EY India and BCG India post doing MBA from IIM Indore.


She is also an alumna of one of the top undergraduate B-schools of Asia, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (popularly known as CBS), Delhi University.



Ms Arora belongs to a rare breed of coaches who have the knack of identifying customer aspirations and provide a target roadmap to achieve the same. I am more than happy to recommend her to any person who are looking to understand and master the nuances of communication etiquette, social, cultural skills and personality rebranding that are so important in todays demanding world.

Archika is someone who genuinely puts the best effort into each and every session. She has diverse exposure to a lot of things whether it's getting into management consulting, toning on your soft skills, general advice, etc.. She tailors her program very well and we also get the flexibility to change the direction of the program. I would certainly recommend anyone to check out her program.

Every individual has different professional and personal goals, and to achieve those goals, one needs to have clarity about it. These 1 on 1 sessions gave me different perspectives to conquer potential issues which I have been facing for years which helped me to clear interviews with one of Big4 companies. Now I have reached at the middle of my program and writing this to thank my mentor, Archika, for all her effort and hard work she put in during the sessions. I am even more excited to be at the next phase of my program.

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