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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Archika helps you become confident and successful by tapping your inner potential and making you meet your authentic self!

True to her name’s meaning of ‘female worshipper’ - she believes in worshipping the beautiful human existence and living life to its fullest, both personally and professionally. In her opinion, people are born to look and feel their best.

Having studied management at IIM Indore (MBA) and CBS, Delhi University, she walked the path of being a management consultant at top-tier consulting companies, BCG and EY. Post her corporate stint, she went on to get formally trained in image consulting and soft skills training.


Being a Magnetic Personality Coach now, Archika is on a mission to help people transform into their best versions by making them feel not only comfortable but also confident in their skin! In the projects undertaken, her role typically involves image management counselling & coaching and soft-skills training.


When her school presented her with the ‘Best Dress and Deportment’ award, little did she know that the topper in her would later go on to make a career out of a skill that got recognised at a much nascent stage.


Living up to the various titles she was presented with during her student years, she can be a no-nonsense professional trainer just like a ‘Beauty with Brains’ would be, and as fun-loving and warm a trainer as a ‘Drama Queen’ would be!


She takes pride in the excellent academic record she’s held all through her life. For this reason, Archika loves to delve into concepts but lives by the mantra of ‘keeping things simple’, even in this digital age of enticing complications.


Interestingly, the movie buff in her went on to write her dissertation on Bollywood films despite being a Finance student! For her, it is super easy to explain any technical concept in her trainings through her ready Bollywood references, whenever required.

In fact, she truly believes that if two popular Bollywood stars being so beautifully different, can rule the hearts of millions of people around the world equally, then so can you! All you need to do is to put your trust in her, and let her empower you to blossom in your own skin instead of being in a constant struggle of becoming a ‘me-too’ product.

With her diverse experience and charismatic personality, Archika always has some lifelong takeaway for every trainee!


  • Certified Image Consultant- Image Consulting Business Institute , India

  • Internationally Certified Image Consultant- Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA

  • Certified Soft Skills' Trainer- Image Consulting Business Institute, India

  • Certified Professional Member - Image Management Professionals Association, India

  • Train The Trainer Program Certification- NABET (National Accreditation Board for Education and Training)

  • Soft Skills Trainer Certification- SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority)


  • MBA, IIM Indore

  • BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies), CBS - College of Business Studies , Delhi University

Professional Experience

  • Management Consultant, Boston Consulting Group, India

  • Management Consultant, EY, India

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