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HATERS Are Gonna Hate (no matter what) !

Despite being a talented and confident woman, I have come to realise that I always have this innate desire to please everyone. Not sure if that comes from being a woman or if that’s how I am.

Don’t get me wrong however I personally feel that most of the times, we women are always trying to fit in this mould of an ‘ideal woman’.

A woman perhaps who wants to be the best daughter... best employee ... basically best of every role she plays professionally and personally.

I have recently noticed that it is deeply ingrained in us and counts as being too harsh on ourselves.


Because we not only lose our individuality this way but also we lose the moments we can spend on totally being ourselves and enjoying WHAT WE TRULY WANT.

Not feeling like doing something should be a good-enough reason simply because that’s what we want.

Hence I urge you to make your own definition of an ideal woman and stick to it. Or better not make any and learn to embrace being imperfect.

HATERS ARE GONNA HATE NO MATTER WHAT... so rather live your life in a way that makes embrace the person you are. :)


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