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Mandatory tip to CRACK ANY #INTERVIEW on this planet!

Today I want to talk about a very simple yet effective tip on #interviewskills.

Using this tip you will be able to crack any #interview that comes your way.

And the tip is…


Always remember to WORK ON YOURSELF & to KNOW YOURSELF.

Why this is important is that you may be forgiven if you don’t know something about the company. You may be forgiven if you don’t know something about the product/service. But…you can’t be forgiven if you DON’T KNOW OWN SELF!!!

That’s because you live with yourself 24*7 and if you don’t know yourself then nobody can trust you!

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Crack any Interview!

So what I suggest you do is :

  • You sit in an isolated area

  • Take a diary

  • Start writing whatever you remember from your childhood whether it is your school days, whether it is your #college days , whether it is when you went to office etc

  • Now check that what all you remember from your past version actually matches your existing version.

When you do this you’d be able to come up with a writeup of at least around 5-10 pages.

Now you need to keep revising this draft & keep matching it to your existing version.

This draft is going to help you answer all the interview questions that you have related to yourself. For eg:

  • “Introduce yourself.”,

  • “What are your strengths & weaknesses?”,

  • “Why should we select you?”

  • “Why you & not anybody else?”


I hope this #tip helps you & there are many more that I’d want to talk about in the future. Stay tuned!


Archika Arora

Certified Image Consultant | Certified Soft Skills Trainer

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